Recap of Lunges and Booty Burn

Lunges by Sharon Madsen:

Hip FlexorKneel in a lunge position with front leg bent, foot flat on floor and shin vertical. Rear knee and shin on floor, gently stretch front of hip on rear leg by squeezing your glute and pushing hip slightly forward and hip bone towards ceiling. Hold stretch for 20 sec each side. Perform this stretch twice on each side.

Curtsey LungesStep into a wide stance with right foot and cross left leg behind and sink into a lunge, keeping your weight in your front heel and keeping your knee well behind your toes. Repeat by stepping out wide with left leg and crossing right leg in back. Repeat alternating legs for a total of 20 reps x 3 sets, 30-60 sec rest between sets. Hold a dumbbell in each hand for extra resistance.

Diagonal LungesPretend there is a clock face in front of you and 12 o’clock is straight ahead. Step out diagonally towards 1 o’clock with right leg and sink into a lunge, come halfway up and dip down into full lunge again (‘double dip’) keep knee well behind toes and push through the heel to launch into next lunge going diagonally towards 11 o’clock with left leg, again doing the ‘double dip’ to keep your muscles under tension longer. Repeat, alternating legs for a total of 20 reps x 3 sets, 30-60 sec rest between sets. Hold a dumbbell in each hand for extra resistance.


Booty Burn by Tammy Marie:

Hip ThrustA Hammer Strength Machine works great with a bench sideways so that you are able to relax neck and upper back. a folded mat or step works great to put feet on. If you do not have a Hammer Strength Machine, you can still perform the same exercise with the same set up using a weight plate on your stomach. Lifting and lowering slowly, doing 3 sets of 10 reps with 60sec. rest in between.

Dead LiftsUsing a barbell stand with feet together or no further than shoulder width apart. Holding barbell down in front of you, slowly squat as low as you can keeping chest up and eyes forward. After squatting return to standing position but with slight bend still I knees.

Reversed Leg CurlsUsing the Lat-pull down machine or something similar secure your legs so that they are stable. Start straight up and slowly let your chest fall forward until you reach parallel to floor and slowly come back up to start. Repeating the movement slow and controlled working up to 10 repetitions of 3 sets. (If needed use a pole for balance)